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St. Lawrence Catholic Church - Religious Education


Registration Dates

Registrations are open from September 1st.

For more information or help with registration, please contact Mrs. Lili Guerrero at (305) 932-3560 or click on the form button below.


• Registration Form, that can be found at the tables in the Church or download from our Website. Please return the Registration form in person after the 10 am Mass or to the parish office.

• Copy of Student Birth's Certificate
• Copy of Baptismal Certificate

• Copy of First Communion Certificate.

• Some cases Transfer Letter

• Godfather / Sponsor Letter

• St.Lawrence Envelope Number OR If not a registered Parishioner, Letter of Permission is required from your Parish.
• Registration Fee: $25.

Programs Available:

• RCIA for children: A one-year program for children 7 y. o. or older that need the sacrament of Baptism
• First Communion: A two-year program for children between 1st and 5th grade.
• Confirmation: A Two-year program for youth between 6th to 10th grade.
• Confirmation for Young Adults: A one-year program for young adults between 11th and 12th grade.

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